VP BrandConsulting

Brand Strategy & Management I Marketing Communication I Project Management

Experienced interim, freelance project manager and brand strategy consultant helping with your marketing projects 

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How well does your brand - product, service or technology - stand out from competitors and bond to your target group? Are your marketing effort adding value to your business? I help companies and marketeers with

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VP BrandConsulting is helping companies, start-ups and marketeers with brand strategy projects and freelance/ interim project management. I have 20+ years of management experience from leading consumer companies as Carlsberg, Arla, Velux, Danone, Coloplast etc.. I have in my entire career been leading marketing projects from strategy development to execution and implementation in FMCG, BtC & BtB companies. 


Too busy, lacking time or need help to a specific challenge, task or marketing project for a short or longer period of time? I do consultant task and I work as freelance or interim in the role of manager or project manager. The work can be done onsite or at home. I work with stakeholders, creative people and other external partners and agencies in delivering the project or task, see here.


I am developing, executing and implementing brand strategy, brand- & visual identity, positioning, packaging, brand portfolio and -architecture, value proposition, marketing planning, creative concept, communication strategy and -elements offline/online, see here.