Brand strategy

Developing meaningful brands and creative branding solutions.


Our passion is brands. We love to build brands stronger whether it is a product, a service or a company. A brand is a long term asset for the company. Being strong means equity for the brand owner and value for the brand consumer.


A brand is not just a name and a logo. A brand is a mix of tangible (logo, name, symbols) and intangible attributes (emotions, values,) which are used to differentiate the product, service, technology and company to the competitors and to bond stronger to the audience. A strong brand has the power of influencing and activate the audience.

A strong brand differentiate from competitors, has a good reputation, is known and is offering benefits and signals values, that are relevant to the audience.

Becoming a strong brand you have to nurture it all the time.


We take you through the stages or parts of it depending on the task.

Brand situation analysis

1. We listen to you, analyse the available data and materials and ask the right questions in order to understand the brand, the market, the business, competitors, the product(s) and your company.

The brand situation gives clarity and identifies the brand scope, the challenge, strength and insight.

Developing brand identity and positioning

2. We develop the brand identity and positioning or adjust the present one if needed. The work define the core idea of the brand and identify the key need, benefits, values, personality and tells your brands unique place among competitors and in peoples lives.

3. We develop the brand architecture, that scopes how the product(s) and brands are related to each other, the segmentation principle and how it covers the need in the market. Furthermore we identify where the value is being built, the brand roles and the branding principle to follow.

Developing the visual Identity

4. We develop the visual identity, which is the design process and the visual brand language reflecting the identity and positioning. We design the logo, outline the typography, colour code and how to use it.

Defining communication strategy

5. We develop the communication strategy defining the key and supporting messages and what you want to say about the brand.

Creating branding solutions

6. We create branding solutions bringing the brand alive analog and digitally. We transform the brand identity and communication strategy and express it on website, brand video, packaging, label, business card and other visual branding items.

"How well does your brand stand out and bond with your audience?"


We listen and work with you to bring the best out in your brands.

Project management

Too busy, lack time or need help to building the brand. We will manage and lead your project and help you from the outside and in dialogue with you from A-Z.


We help you with a specific brand issue, problem or challenge giving you advice, solutions and inspiration.


We facilitate workshops. The purpose is to get knowledge from its participates and the framework of the workshop can be arranged with the client or be provided by me. The workshop and facilitation can be used in connection of the annual planning of brand plans etc.


VPBrandConsulting is working with freelancers in helping the client to have the best results. The process between the client, freelancer and VPBrandConsulting is transparent. It is the VPBrandConsulting who will be responsible of the delivery of the task or project.

Are you a freelancer within graphic and web design, copywriting, videomaker og photographer – we are always interested in hearing from you and working with you.


We welcome you to contact us for more information.


We find and hire creative freelance specialists to create branding solutions for your exact task.

Vibeke Poulsen

Founder and brand strategist


Designer, copywriter, videomaker, photographer


We match freelancer skills with the need of the clients project.