Need marketing expertise for a specific project, task or challenge? I work as consultant, interim / freelance project manager or manager. I help companies, marketeers and start-ups with brand strategy, branding, brand management and communication/content development. 20+ years of experience with FMCG, BtC and BtB. 

Interim & freelance project management 
With day-to-day pressure it can be helpful to have an external and flexible resource to manage your marketing projects or tasks. Sometimes it is easier to outsource certain marketing skills if you do not have it inhouse. I do all sorts of projects and tasks with a long or short time horizons. It is both development and implementation. I work with stakeholders, creative people, agencies and other external partners in delivering the projects.

Facilitating and training
I facilitate workshops and meetings. It can be used for creating marketing plans, brainstorming on new activities and in the process of developing brand & communication strategy, product innovation etc. The framework of the workshop can be arranged with you or be provided by me. I always document the outcome of the meeting or workshop. I teach and train marketeers in brand strategy methods and tools.

Brand strategy 
I deliver solutions, advice and inspiration within brand- and communication strategy. For further details see here.

Please feel free to call or email me if you are interested or have any questions at or +45 2324 5565