20+ years experience

We serve different type of products, brands and companies.


We develop brand strategies and create creative branding solutions.

Brand identity and positioning

We define the brand´s core idea and concept. It is the strategic framework in which to build the brand and it states the reason for being and its meaningful position in the market. It gives clarity of the USP, benefits and value for the product, company or services and it gives direction for growing the brand´s competitive advantage and in the end brand equity.

Communication strategy

We develop a communication strategy to ensure that all the brand marketing communication is leveraging the brand promise and make consistency and impact in the market. The communication strategy is defining the key message and supporting messages and what you want to say, to whom in the digital and analog touch points. The communication strategy sets the frame for advertisers to do a creative advertising strategy and marketing campaigns.

Visual identity

We define the brand´s visual identity meaning the style and tone and visual language of all the brand elements: colors, typography, logo, icon, packaging, label website look and a guideline for how to use it.

Creative branding solution analog

We work closely with graphic designers and photographers to bring the brand alive.

Creative branding solutions - digitally

We work closely with web designers, cinematographer and video makers to bring the brand alive digitally.

Research, Facilitate & Planning

We always document the brand strategy as a useful guideline in order for you to manage the brand effectively. We help you with designing research and transform it into meaningful insights. We facilitate and design workshops, team meetings in order to use internal ressources in designing the brand strategy.

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